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north way


North Way of Saint James

After the Primitive Way, this route, which runs along the Asturian coast and enters Galicia through the Ría de Ribadeo, reached relevance in the late Middle Ages. At that time, maritime pilgrimages were at their peak and the Jubilee of the Holy Cross began to be celebrated in Oviedo. Pilgrims at the end of the Middle Ages, eager to venerate relics and gain indulgences, visited Oviedo as a complement to their pious journey to Compostela.


The way

The North Way of Saint James is the longest (longer than the French Way and the Primitive Way) of the ways that lead to Santiago de Compostela.

It is the best option to live, intensely and authentically, the essence of the Jacobean route. This path is 820 km long to Santiago and is divided into 34 stages of approximately 25 km, although many of them exceed 30 km.

The path runs for the most part along the coast or close to it, it is a somewhat harder route than the traditional French path but with unparalleled landscapes where the green color blends with the colors of the sea.